Avon, MA

Controller Service and Sales 13 Robbie Rd, Avon MA 02322

1: Take the RT-24 SOUTH exit, exit number 4, on the left towards BROCKTON. (0.6 miles)
2: Merge onto MA-24 S. (2.7 miles)
3: Take the RT-139 WEST exit, exit number 20B, towards STOUGHTON. (0.4 miles)
4: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto PAGE ST.(1.0 miles)
5: Turn RIGHT onto BODWELL ST. (0.7 miles)
6: Turn RIGHT onto STRAFELLO DR. (0.2 miles)
7: Turn LEFT onto ROBBIE RD.

1: to take the RT-24 NORTH ramp.
2: Merge onto MA-24 N. (3.9 miles)
3: Take the HARRISON BLVD. exit, exit number 19A, towards AVON. (0.3 miles)
4: Merge onto HARRISON BLVD (0.3 miles)
5: Turn LEFT onto POND ST. (0.1 miles)
6: Turn LEFT onto BODWELL ST. (0.7 miles)
7: Turn LEFT onto STRAFELLO DR. (0.2 miles)
8: Turn LEFT onto ROBBIE RD.

Toll-free in the United States: 1-800-584-5565