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Weidmuller’s award winning u-remote is a modularly designed remote I/O system. The u-remote has a plug-in connection level, high component density – as well as best performance – and features, and high levels of efficiency and productivity. The integrated web server simplifies starting up and speeds up maintenance work.


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Weidmuller is a leading manufacturer of electronic and electrical connectivity solutions for the transmission of power, data and control signals in industrial environments. As an automation and control partner our goal is to reduce operating costs by providing cost effective and reliable ways to simplify installations, speed assembly and ease maintenance. For OEMs, Weidmuller sets international standards in the engineering of customized solutions, procurement, manufacturing and distribution of product.
Weidmuller offers a broad product portfolio to ensure optimum electrical connectivity in even the harshest environments. Products include: industrial electronics, network infrastructure components and connectivity solutions such as Wireless I/O, Industrial Ethernet, Signal Conditioning, Power Supplies, Relays, Optocouplers, Heavy Duty Connectors, Printed Circuit Board Connectors, Terminal Blocks, standard and custom enclosure solutions, complete DIN-Rail assemblies, custom electronic solutions and abroad array of tools, marking solutions.

Remote I/O - U-Remote

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