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PULS manufactures DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies, with a focus on standard units. The privately owned and managed company is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

In December 2004, the company formed a strategic alliance with MGV, whose main business focus is on developing custom designed solutions for switched-mode power supplies.

As a reliable partner and manufacturer of switched mode power supplies at the forefront of technology, PULS GmbH supports its demanding customers in the world's industry by supplying the highest quality. The company's innovative ideas in electronic development, together with the highly functional mechanical design, put PULS into a leading technological position.Our portfolio consists of three product families: MiniLine (25-100W), SilverLine (40-960W) and DIMENSION (80-480W).

PULS Power Supplies can be applied in the following industries:
Machine construction, control and automation, plant and systems construction, robotics, drive technology, building automation, lighting technology, cleaning technology, construction machinery, etc.
As the products have been certified to meet a wide range of codes and standards, they can be readily installed throughout the world.

For further information or to receive a catalog, please email us at sales@controllerservice.com or use our contact form.

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