Waterproof Connectors, Fieldbus Connectors, Devicenet I/O Interface

The headquarters of the Lumberg group are in the Westfalian town of Schalksmühle in Germany. A total of about 1000 employees work for the family-owned company. Lumberg's core areas of expertise are development, manufacturing and sales of electromechanical and electronic components. Connector sys-tems and components comprise the principal part of its wide array of products.

The central areas of Lumberg's manufacturing expertise are high-speed punching and bending tech-nology and high-precision injecti-on molding technology. Lumberg also processes demanding materi-als, such as stainless steel and CuBe2 or LCP, SAN and TPU respectively. In the nearly 75 years of its com-pany history, Lumberg has develo-ped itself into an internationally operating company.

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