Wiring Devices

A Division of Hubbell Incorporated (Delaware), Bryant Electric Company is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality wiring devices for demanding environments in industrial, institutional, OEM and commercial applications. Our homeSelect line of wiring devices and data/communications products offer innovation and style for the home.

The Bryant Electric Company was founded by Waldo C. Bryant in 1888 in Bridgeport, CT. Bryant was purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation on April 10, 1901 and became a feeder plant for Westinghouse manufactured appliances. Within five years Bryant became the largest manufacturer of wiring devices in the world. Bryant was purchased by the Hubbell Corporation in March 1991.

Products include switches, receptacles, plugs and connectors, locking devices, ground fault devices, pin and sleeve devices, surge protection devices, mesh cable grips, motor control devices, lighting controls, wall plates, corrosion resistant devices, metal raceway and lampholders. Our history of over 120 years has given us the experience and reputation to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, performance, and durability.

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