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Time Delay Relays, Phase Monitors, Current Monitors, Voltage Monitors, Alternating Relays

Established in 1920 with a patent for an automatic valve-regulator, ATC began its operations in Brooklyn, NY as the Automatic Temperature Control Company. This entry into the field of automation of industry led the company to produce many other automatic controls needed by modern manufacturers. The word "AUTOMATION" as a designation of this field was not even coined until a quarter of a century later.

During the 1930's, ATC developed a line of industrial timers, which were used to control the sequence of operation of machines. Many of the early sales were not only made to the Brown Instrument Company of Philadelphia, which eventually became part of Honeywell, but for several years Brown Instrument handled the sales for ATC.

The company changed its name in 1957 to Automatic Timing & Controls, which more clearly designates its major products in the general field of automation. In 1979, ATC introduced the Model 365 Long Ranger Timer as the world's first microprocessor-based industrial timer. Updated with technology, the 365 still today maintains a position as the industry workhorse timer.

Today, ATC continues its 85 year history of designing and manufacturing reliable, accurate timing and control devices at its plant in Newell, WV.

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