ABB Control & Drives

ABB Control & Drives

Contactors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Oil-tite Pushbuttons, AC Drives, Motor Starters, Terminal Blocks

Controller Service & Sales is a long-time partner with ABB . ABB is a technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, and services. Building on their core strengths of technology leadership, pioneering spirit and a sustainable approach to business, ABB helps customers to become more profitable while lowering environmental impact.

Featured Product: Safety Contactors

ABB's complete range of safety components make protection systems easier to build. Designed for machine safety applications, AFS contactors come with fixed front auxiliary contact blocks, making them ideal for monitoring and controlling circuits. Mechanically linked and mirror contacts help make your system safer.
ABB Safety Contactors AFS Series with Front mounted Auxiliary
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Among the ABB products that Controller can provide to our customers include:

Low Voltage Products and Systems 
ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.  The business improves the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries including the residential sector.

PLC and Automation
ABB's automation devices deliver solutions with high performance and flexibility to be effectively deployed within diverse industries and applications including water, building infrastructure, data centers, renewable energy, machinery automation, material handling, marine and more.

You base your business on cost efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. ABB drives are made with all this in mind. They are flexible for you to optimize all your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime. You also get premium service, responsible solutions and expertise at your disposal, anywhere on the globe.

Motors and generators
ABB has what it takes to help every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions. Combining the best available materials with superior technology, the electric motors and generators are designed to operate reliably no matter how challenging the process or application, and to have low life cycle costs.

ABB Safety information and solutions
ABB is your expert partner in safety. Our offering covers a wide range of safety solutions, including machine safety and process safety. ABB is committed to achieving excellence in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in our operations (value chain) and helping our clients to do the same. 

We provide safety and reduce costs with our safety offering. Our offering consist of a wide range of safety devices, engineering tools, controls and safety expertise. Use our offering and expertise to build your safety solutions and controls that will effectively prevent industrial accidents and occupational illnesses. 

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