Eaton Electronic Motor Starters
Eaton Electronic Motor Starter

The EMS is equipped with a solid state contactor and built-in overload protection in a compact, easy to install package. The EMS is capable providing forward and reversing functions without the need for an additional contactor. It is also equipped with an optional emergency-stop feature built into the firmware. This compact solution provides up to 78% space savings over traditional electro-mechanical starters.
Wiring benefits Include:

    • Panel space savings.
    • No additional auxiliary contacts.
    • No redundant contactors for main circuit.
    • Up to 70% less hardware components.
    • Up to 60% less assembling and wiring effort.
Applications Include:

    • Logistics.
    • Conveyor control.
    • Production machines.
    • Tooling machines.
    • Packaging machines.
    • Small elevators.
    • Agriculture automation.
    • Motor direct start.
    • Motor reversing start.
    • Motor protection.
    • E-Stop with Cat. 3 / SIL3 / Ple.
    • Communication interface SWD.
HP ratings:
    • 0.5 – 5 HP @ 480V.
Current range:
    • 0.18…9.0A.
    • 0.18A…2.4A.
    • 1.5A…6.5A/7A (SWD)(AC-53a) 9.0A (AC-51).
Control voltage:
    • 24Vdc (SWD self supplied).
Device width:
    • 30mm.
    • CE, cULus, ATEX, CCC, EAC.

Eaton Electronic Motor Starter 
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