Arc-Flash Detection Relay
Michael Sandonato

Arc-Flash Detection Relay

Avon, MA
Michael Sandonato

Circuit breakers (CBs) or overcurrent protection devices (OCPDs) alone do not provide optimal protection for your personnel and equipment. The Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relays rapidly detect an arc flash and send a trip signal to interrupt power.
Simple Plug & Play Installation and Maintenance

The Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relays and sensors are easily retrofitted into existing switchgear or pre-installed in new equipment with little or no configuration. Even elaborate systems only take minutes to configure using the relays’ built-in USB interface software, and the innovative digital inputs/outputs on the AF0500 and AF0100.
Features include:

    • Improve sustainability and life of electrical equipment.
    • Lower the PPE Category of the equipment.
    • Provide protection against equipment damage and potential injury to personnel or incident energy.
    • Easily installed without changes to existing layout.
    • Flexible sensor configuration for any application.
    • No additional software is required.

Download your Littelfuse Arc Flash Relay Brochure here!

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