ABB Baldor-Reliance food safe motors (Stainless Steel NEMA Motors)
Baldor-Reliance food safe motors are designed with smooth contours and advanced sealing, exceed IP69K for water to maximize motor life in high pressure, sanitary cleaning environments.  Download the Stainless Steel Motor Food and Beverage Catalog here!
Reliability in intense cleaning environments
How do you know if your facility's equipment is able to withstand Clean in Place (CIP) procedures? The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has defined an ingress protection code for enclosures called IP69K, which addresses actual CIP procedures utilizing high pressure, high temperature, and close-range cleaning methods. Baldor-Reliance food safe motors meet this rating due to the smooth contour and finish along with continuous welds to eliminate harboring points for bacteria to grow, survive and reproduce while giving enough space to access the minor crevices for proper sanitation. Internal and external shaft seals on both ends protect against ingress at shaft extension points. The product line spans single and three phase ratings in foot mounted and footless configurations providing equipment and application flexibility. Foot mounted designs meet NEMA standard mounting dimensions with continuously welded independent feet allowing easier access and clearance for proper cleaning procedures. Single phase models have a single conduit box for the capacitor and lead connections. Typical single phase motors have accessory boxes located at the F3 position of the motor, creating more opportunities for contaminants and water to enter the capacitor connections, or worse, the motor windings.
Worker safety from installation through operation
When it comes time for your maintenance engineer to replace the existing motor with a new Baldor-Reliance food safe motor, you can rest assured there is no additional rerouting of your power source leads or rotating motor orientation. ABB Baldor has designed a 3-piece, O-ring sealed rotatable conduit box for installation flexibility. Color-coded leads ensure proper connections, with heat shrink connectors that provide a waterproof seal.
Built in US manufacturing facilities, with footless ratings from 1/2 up to 15 horsepower and foot mounted ratings from 1/2 through 30 horsepower.
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