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Qty Description Availability     Net Price   #FFFFFF"   MOXA ADP-SCm-STf-M SC to ST optical connector for Multi modestarstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  2 ea  PRICE: $49.00 ea   #FFFFFF"   MOXA OnCell G3150 1-port Quad-band industrial GSM/GPRS/EDGE IP-Gateway, RS-232/422/485, DB9...starstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  1 ea  PRICE: $629.00 ea   #FFFFFF"   MOXA AWK-3131-M12-US IEEE802.11a/b/g/n Wireless AP/Bridge/Client, M12/QMA connectors, US band ***** This...starstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  1 ea  PRICE: $1,599.00 ea   #FFFFFF"   MOXA ioLogik E2242 Active Ethernet I/O server, 4AI/12DIOstarstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  3 ea  PRICE: $625.00 ea  
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