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Qty Description Availability     Net Price   #FFFFFF"   ISSC 1017-10-2-1 10A 120VAC/DC TIMING RELAY NOTE: SPECIAL PRICING APPLIES FOR CURRENT STOCK ONLY....starstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  2 ea  PRICE: $72.98 ea   #FFFFFF"   ISSC 1095-2-P-3-A SOLID STATE TIMER 12VDC, PROGRAMMABLE, SPDT, 2.5W, 50/60HZ, MULTIFUNCTIONstarstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  1 ea  PRICE: $171.73 ea   #FFFFFF"   ISSC 1096-1-P-3-A SOLID STATE TIMER, 100-240VAC/DC, PROGRAMMABLE, SPDT, 2.5VA, MULTIFUNCTIONstarstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  7 ea  PRICE: $228.27 ea   #FFFFFF"   ISSC RP-320 8 pin socket, DIN rail or panel mount, with hold-down clips, BLACK, 250Vstarstarstarstarstar
      (0 reviews)  1 ea  PRICE: $14.40 ea  
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